viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012


You wake up with the loud music from your mobile and you liked so much that you hateso much now, get dressed, comb your hair without desire, make-up a face that is not to say good morning and try to disguise it the best you can on a fake smile. You walkslowly as if you weigh too much the body, you cross a corridor filled with pictures of a childhood that never again, empty pictures that you have stolen everything that you do not have. You meet many people do not notice anything in your greeting and you talk about any subject, which, admit it, it gives you just the same. You try to answer them, until it shut to keep talking with your inner stupid not to repeat what painful for being the day.Just want to go back to get into bed, hide under a bed sheets become your best shelterbut also your worst hiding you away from the world, but you no longer forms part of it.And you'd be a different person, happy, smiling to see how the sun rises every day,higher, smarter, better ... in every way. And when you're on the summit when leave everything behind, because they no longer worth it, there's that person who shows a bitmore than you've already forgotten. It reminds you how special you are when you do not stop to look in the mirror to wrap the hair that always disturbs seconds later to take your hand when you get nervous, to come out to your aid when you do not yourself know you've fallen. Appears without asking anything, without saying anything, without touchingor rozarte is there. You say you want every feature you, when you sing the song withoutknowing you, when you paint your nails bad when you do not know what to say, when you can not whisper ... It tells you that you are the most important of his life without realizingthat he is all yours.

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