viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012


Get up, look out your window. See? What a nice day like today, pick up the phone, putthe song that you like so much and that makes you so happy, open the closet with all the rhythm that has that song.
Yes, now you have physical education and if you do not wear tracksuits will punish youagain, but ... what? Anyway, the institute is the guy you like so much and would not be very guai that I saw you in sweatpants.
Take, get more repegados jeans you have and the sweatshirt that you like. Yes, go to it,and get to fool around with another, be it reacts.
See? It does not amused.
Run for the class, yes, paste these leaps that make you look happy, and repeat that phrase a thousand times: "You'd better have envy you feel sorry."
Sisi, you're impatient, because it will blow the horn and see again, and you will look sosilly you say, how can you see a person so perfect? You start to sweat and shake handsmiss.
Not a escapaz to tell all how you feel about rejection, but inside you're saying, whodares, wins, tomorrow I say all, today I am too happy to take a disappointment.
After tomorrow's past is past and after the other. Not a escapaz, and soon you'll lose.
When finally you decide, later, is another, but you have more damage inside, that you willnever smile on the face, that is, so you learn you were wrong once, you'll see as we do not wrong again, and you learn .

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